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What does this service do? It searches the iTunes Music Store daily for the artists, composers, and song titles that you choose, and sends e-mail notification when new songs are available that match your criteria. Or, you can get updates via an RSS feed or on the web site. You can have up to 50 search phrases, which should be enough for the most die-hard music addict.

What's it cost? Nothing - it's free.

How do searches work? There are three kinds of searches.

Artist name search is by far the most popular: it will let you know when there's a new song by that artist.

Composer name search will alert you when there is a new song by any artist written by your favorite composer. The iTunes Music Store often only has the composer's last name, so you'll have more luck searching for "Gershwin" than "George Gershwin".

Song title search can be useful if you want to be alerted whenever any artist releases a cover of a favorite song.

I set up my searches. Now what? Once a day (early morning California time), TunesTracker will search the iTunes Music Store for your search phrases. If it finds a new hit (and only then), it will e-mail it to you. So you know it's working, the first time after you set up a new search, you'll receive a message listing many hits, which aren't necessarily brand-spanking new.

What if I want alerts via RSS or the Web, instead of in e-mail? On your search configuration page, set "Vacation mode" to on -- that will keep TunesTracker from e-mailing you alerts. Next to every search field, you'll see an RSS button and web page link. Add the RSS feed (example) to your favorite blog-reader software, or bookmark the web page (example). The RSS feeds and Web pages will be updated even when you're in vacation mode. Set your RSS reader to check the feed once a day -- there's no point is checking more often.

Here are lists of all the artist, song title, and composer name searches that TunesTracker is doing.

What about my privacy? I hate spam, and won't share your e-mail address, searches, or any other information about you with anyone.

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