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TunesTracker is a free tool for iTunes Music Store addicts. It will search the iTunes Music Store daily for your favorite artists, composers, and songs, and send you an e-mail when iTMS adds songs that match. (See a sample e-mail message.) Or, you can get your updates via RSS or on the web. More details are in the FAQ.

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See the latest additions for the most popular searches at the iTunes Music Store:

  1. u2
  2. coldplay
  3. john mayer
  4. radiohead
  5. evanescence new songs April 2
  6. dido new songs March 30
  7. they might be giants
  8. eminem
  9. wilco
  10. norah jones
  11. madonna new songs March 28
  12. elvis costello
  13. kanye west new songs March 27
  14. ben folds new songs April 1
  15. maroon 5
  16. beatles
  17. tim mcgraw
  18. dave matthews new songs April 2
  19. counting crows
  20. r.e.m.
  21. muse
  22. shania twain
  23. bob dylan new songs April 1
  24. keane
  25. ryan adams new songs March 31

Or, browse all artist, song title, or composer name searches.

Today's Statistics

As of Nov 25, 2015, TunesTracker is performing 4368 searches for 753 accounts.

Love your site! TunesTracker picks up new songs much more consistently than the Apple-supplied service. -David F. Bills

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